Junior Entrepreneur

The Junior Entrepreneur Programme gives students the opportunity to experience practical, real-life business learning as part of their formative education. It nurtures creativity, independence and problem-solving among pupils of all abilities, with every aspect of the Programme seamlessly blending into the primary school curriculum. Under their teacher’s guidance, and with the inspiration of local entrepreneurs, children discovered their strengths as individuals and as part of a team. Together, they chose, invested in and produced their own products from scratch, all the way to making it available for sale at a school-hosted JEP Showcase Day – and enjoying the profits at the end.

Our 6th class pupils here in Kilrane NS set up their own business ‘Handmade Just for You’ selling ‘A Question a Day 2023 Calendars’ and handmade bespoke cards for any occasion. They sold their cards at Christmas fairs, in school and in Supervalu Rosslare. They had a visit from Alan Murphy who spoke about his experience of business and he discussed the 6th class business with them and gave them tips on how to be successful. Each and every student worked tirelessly bringing their business idea to life and they were amazed and delighted that they were successful entrepreneurs and that people wanted to purchase their product. The children looked forward to working on it, and it was extremely rewarding to witness them blossom and become more confident in themselves.