Green Schools

Green School

Kilrane N.S. is a proud Green School’s participant. We are working hard to earn our seventh green flag.

This year, we are working on the theme of Global Citizenship Energy. The Green Schools Committee works on a new theme every two years to earn a Green Flag.

To earn a green flag, you must carry out certain actions. To earn this theme’s flag, we carried out an energy audit of the school last year and we will carry out another in 2023. We checked how many lights, interactive whiteboards, computers, printers and photocopiers are being used. We checked the electricity meter every week and asked our principal about the amount of oil being used to heat our school.

This year’s Green Schools Committee members Marie and Finn are checking the electricity meter every week. Our school is using a steady amount. However, we want to reduce the amount of units we use so each class designed posters to raise awareness about turning off lights and unplugging electrical equipment at the end of the day.

We are also maintaining other previous themes like Litter & Waste, Travel and Biodiversity. The bins are monitored by Ethan from the Green Schools Committee. Second and third class completed a litter pick of the school grounds and fifth class did a litter pick on Rosslare Strand. We had a very successful Walking Wednesday in September where much of the school population parked nearby and walked to school or walked their full journey. The Green Schools Committee planted daffodil bulbs to help our school attract more bees, insects and birds. We hope to plant a lot more in the new year so watch this space!

Our school was recently awarded a Marine Explorer Award at Wexford County Council’s Environment Awards for the great work the boys and girls in fifth class undertook in their marine workshop. Well done to everyone involved!

Well done to everyone that designed and created a Recycled Christmas Decoration! We have sent one entry per class into the county final and the rest have been used to make our school look beautiful.

Don’t forget to send in used batteries so we can recycle them correctly. Thank you to all the boys and girls for bringing their school lunch wrappers and packaging home so that our school can stay Green!