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Dear Parents/Guardians,

I send this note to you today at an unprecedented time in our country.   I hope it finds you well and that you are adapting to our new circumstances.   I hope the work set for your children is helpful in both keeping them occupied and providing them with a routine.

Please do not feel that your child has to finish the work which is being sent to you via Aladdin.   Such work is a guide and may indeed open other areas of learning and interest for your child/children.  If the allocated school work is a form of stress in the home, I strongly recommend that it is stopped and replaced by interactive educational sites. Your child’s wellbeing is far more important than academic work particularly during this difficult time.

Fallons and Folens now have their school books free on line.  Alternatively the children from 1st class to 6th class could tune into RTÉ’s Home School Hub tomorrow at 11am.

In order to maintain a routine for children the school intends to send your child/children some work over Easter.  It will be, as it currently is, totally optional, as the circumstances in every home are different.

If you wish to contact the school please do so by phone at 086 3873544 or through email.  kilranens.ias@eircom.net

We wish you well and look forward to the day we see you all again in school.


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