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2012 Recycling Magic

To start our Green Schools programme for the year, Cliona Connolly, Environmental Officer of Wexford County Council, kindly organised a visit to the school by Kelvin The Magician from www.kandoarts.net.

Kelvin treated the children to a Recycling Magic show which was great fun.  The theme of the show was “reduce, re-use and recycle”, it was entertaining and enthusiastically welcomed by all the children.

The aim of the show was to remind children of the importance of the Green School initiative and to encourage them to continue their great work with the Green School committee within the school.  The magic tricks had the children sitting on the edge of their seats; amazed at what was happening before their very eyes and during the entire show Kelvin expertly reinforced the message of what the their role is in looking after our planet.

Teachers Ms Roche, Ms Cummins and Ms Kelly will be organising and promoting our Green School programme this coming year in the hope of gaining our third flag.  The theme for the next two school years is the conservation of water, both at home and school.  The children will examine (a) water usage (b) water source and (c) waste water. We wish them all the very best in their work.

We will keep parents informed of our progress.

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