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Shoebox Appeal 2018

We received this thank you poster at school this week and thought you would like to see how the shoeboxes were distributed this year. As well as our appreciation to everyone who participated within the Kilrane NS community, we quote the message from Team Hope’s CEO, Peter Heaney:

“It has been a humbling experience to see how generous people have been across the country in 2018, sending over a quarter of a million gift filled shoeboxes to children living in poverty in 12 countries across Eastern Europe and Africa.

People from all over Ireland and all walks of life took part and helped in a plethora of different ways – from donating gift filled boxes, volunteering in checking centres, knitting gifts or helping load trucks. All of this tremendous effort has made an amazing difference to the 259,079 children who otherwise wouldn’t receive a present.”

Shoebox Appeal 2018

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